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M I N D S E T,   C O N F I D E N C E,   &  F I T N E S S


Blending Cognitive + Behavioural Coaching with Exercise


I am here to help you grow your tools, tactics & tenacity for a clearer understanding of your values, the options available to you & map out your goals.

No one successful is doing anything alone, don't feel like you have to.

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About Me, Beau Rambaut...

...your confidence coach

My credentials:

Psychology Diploma

Counselling Diploma

1st Class Honours from University of the Arts London

Personal Trainer Level 3

Distinction in Neurolinguistics Programming Level 3

Distinction in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Level 4

Accredited member of ACCPH (coaches, counsellors, psychotherapists & hypnotherapists)

off to:

King's College London to study Psychology & Neuroscience MSc


Now we have that out the way...


Accessing your authentic self

​Drawing from my multi-disciplinary background, I have created a unique coaching style, blending CBT with Exercise (CBTEx)

What is Cognitive & Behavioural Coaching? Cognitive Behavioural Coaching is a talking therapy which focuses on how your thoughts & beliefs effect your feelings & behaviour. Exploring what you think, how you act & the ways in which this influences your daily life.

Your perception is everything, it filters information from the world. It’s your map, so that you can navigate through life. However, we are bias creatures & if we are stuck in a negative pattern we will filter information to fit our pre-existing map, rather than change the direction. That’s where Cognitive & Behavioural talking & tests comes in. Testing the validity of your thoughts against objective reality. What you think about yourself, others, the world may feel true but is it real?

It can be painfully comfortable to stay in a negative cycle; change is scary, it’s new, it’s different, it’s unknown but everyone deserves to take a risk for their own happiness. Good news is you don’t have to risk it alone. 

Exercise is a great way to start prompting positive change, encouraging the release of happy hormones for a clearer mind & creating a new habit for just for you. 

My goal is simple - Get you active in your bodies & your thinking. 


How I got here:


Like all good human beings, my journey has been messy. My credentials read well, but really it looked something like THIS


Yup, messy, but with one common theme, I’ve always worked with people, studied people, behaved like other people. 


When I worked with actors I became obsessed with why some people seem to just have it all handled, when others crumble under pressure. There are many contributing factors, but self-esteem & confidence were always the key players. How can I help people come into an audition space & leave feeling like they did their best rather than “ugh, I could have done better”.

So, I opened my own studio ’The Shed Ldn’ & enrolled on more courses. 


The more I coached actors, the more I realised I’m not coaching actors at all - I’m coaching the person. The job of an actor isn’t to hide behind a character but reveal themselves within them, but what if that person is afraid to be seen?

The performance is somewhat muted, because that’s how the person is living. Lacking in confidence & a low self-esteem, a muffled version of self presents itself under the weight of wanting to please, not stand out, be liked, do well. We stuff ourselves into a lot of boxes trying to fit in, & wonder why after a while it hurts.


Boxes are for dead people, if you’re reading this - you’re still alive. 


Let’s work through it together, let’s access your authentic self. You owe yourself happiness. 


P.S there’s a rhetoric around doing it by yourself, & going at it alone being viewed as strong. I can assure you no-one is doing it alone, asking for help is one of the most courageous things you can do, that’s pure strength. 

email: beauspokecoach@gmail.com