Day 3 in the Big Brother House

... I'm wondering how long I'll keep this up for, creating content. It takes a whole day from idea, film, edit, export, upload, insta, blog... a whole day... for my Nan to watch it. I feel like that shit kid that goes up and embarrass themselves at the school talent shows because he's Mum said he was amazing! (this numpty from About a Boy, for example)..

The fitness industry has been on the social media hype, for a long ol while now... I'm not even close to catching the end of the wave, let a lone riding it.

Also, I kind of don't want to. Let me explain. I want to grow my business. I notice that online/social media is a platform like no other, I grew my initial audience from being sarcastic and scantily clad, I know what I'm dealing with. Right now, in this current situation, I want to do what I can to offer what I believe can help, by creating content of promoting movement because I believe that without exercise my life would be a little less bright. How are you suppose to sell something, if you don't believe in it, right? But I usually work with a person, who they are, what barriers they have... how they feel... what they want... their confidence to move from A - B... And I'm not sure any time soon, online engagement will trump eye contact when something inside someone shifts to a more positive vantage point. Being physically active is one element, albeit a big one for me, but it's not the whole cookie.

I've spoken to so many online content creators over the years, that they say now they just create something that they know will "bang" (that means do well) than something truly inline with who they are and what they need/want. Inauthenticity, maybe it sells ("bangs") but it's a hard sell for the individual putting in the grafting hours for something that isn't truly inline with their true self.

What I am trying to say is, it's Day Three of Quarantine and I'm yet to recalibrate my online voice, find my video voice & find a balance in the middle of the cookie. And what that means is it's Day Three and I'm already over-thinking it, over-analysing it, and that's what 7 years of psychology related studying will do to you when you're forced inside. All it's likely to mean is I'm battling with a little dash of shame, a hit of unworthiness and minor embarrassment, all of which are coming at me from my taking a risk (putting myself out there).

BUT with all that being said, I have created another Home Workout to promote movement inside your home. I do, strongly, believe that now is the time to create new habits, keep active and connect... and work shit out.


Newbies and/or people who aren’t familiar with using their sofa as equipment, explanations are @ 00.30 - 04.40


*This can be paired up with yesterdays Sofa Circuit*

3 ROUNDS (4 if you’re feeling spicy)



3 x 10 Sofa Press Ups (there are variations)

3 x 10 Sofa Tricep Dips (there are variations)

3 x 10 Sofa Sit Ups

"Stretch Card" PDF available here

  • Explanations @ 00.30 - 04.40

  • Warm up @ 04.40 - 06.28

  • Circuit @ 06.28 - 12.02

With love,

Beau x


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