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Updated: Apr 30

I'm going to try my best to rise up to the occasion & think about all the things I can do, over what I can't. So first on my list of opportunities is to finally post my first blog, start creating online content and have an explore around the world of online coaching... because there really is no reason not to be doing this.

I have studying to do, essays to write, content to film, strategies to create, books to read... and Netflix to avoid all of the former. What I need in all this, is what I always crave... routine & structure. So, in all honesty, I need all of the above. I just need to have a plan of when I'll give which my focus and attention... The mistake to make would be believing that because I'm in quarantine, all bets are off. There's nothing I can do, and what I chose to do can be whatever, whenever.

I have, in varying degrees depending on many variables, time related dare I say it anxiety. Which often utters these words "you don't have enough time", at it's peak is isolating in itself, painfully deafening & incredibly paralysing (ah the exact thing I fear, the catch 22 - funny that!). Isolation is ALL THE TIME (and if you are insolation with mild or less symptoms or because someone around you has had symptoms and it's the right thing to do)... it's all yours, time... have it. Use it.

There are worries, things are uncertain, don't even get me started on the financial side of it. Small business owner, 317 a month you say? Brilliant, my landlord will be thrilled, as will the supermarket when I try pay with my own hair... but I can't resolve that in a panic. I have the time, to think, to be creative... to try something new.

Things you can do:

  • Read more

  • Connect/Reconnect

  • Make a plan (I do know for what, that's on you)

  • Get sexy with someone or yourself (no symptoms obvs)

  • Meditate

  • Finally learn the difference between their, there and they're

  • Call your Nan

  • Learn how you can still keep active in your own home

So yesterday I spent the day (btw I have a 1st class hons degree in Film & this video does not in any way reflect that) filming. I wanted to create something that is accessible to most people, so those already stuck or about to be stuck indoors have some guidance in staying active. I'm pretending I don't know that the internet is jam packed with fitness content already and my single lens DSLR will be the winner for you... But I called it Sofa Circuits, and it has me in it, doing my best to get comfortable in front of the camera, again years of acting training... be myself... oooh hello insecurity! Let's dance! My bunny has a cameo, and that'll hopefully have you coming back if nothing else.


REAL TIME (which means I do the counting, so you don't have to)

If you are using this time to start working out, making you a bit of a newbie... please watch the video in full.

Explanations @ 00.58 - 4.45

Warm up @ 04.45 - 07.32

Circuit @ 07.32 - 12.00

Stretch Card PDF available here (Honestly, DO IT!)

If you enjoy the workout like it, leave a comment, share it with a friend.

Beau x


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