Kettlebell Huns

Content creation is in full SWING... and to celebrate here is a Kettlebell swing demonstration! (and more)

I've had messages, they read "should I buy a kettlebell?"

Yes. But...

I know for a fact, a good portion of the people asking have merely seen the KB. They have never gone for a swing.

Jack & I decided to do a quick instructional video of how to do swings, squats & deadlifts using your new piece of equipment OR that thing you've let sit in your garden for 4 years and it now has purpose.

KB swing (00.00 - 01.35)

KB Squat (01.36 - 02.56)

KB Deadlift (02.56 - 04.35)

KB swing (00.00 - 01.35)

• Hinge not a Squat

• Drive your hips to unfold your body

• Use your Glutes

• Keep your arms loose

KB Squat (01.36 - 02.56)

• Kettlebell upside down. Keep it close to your chest

• Break from your hips

• Drive through your heels

KB Deadlift (02.56 - 04.35)

• KB between your feet.

• Bum back, Hinge at hips

• Maintain a Neutral spine. Don't let your back bend

• To lift, push down into the ground. Unhinge at your hips, thrusting them forwards.



Quick, Sneaky ab check


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