Oh you're a Life Coach... Do tell me more...

Stop letting faux life coaches tell you you’re doing shit and to panic.

Did you know anyone can call themselves a life coach, no qualifications, no extra study, no course of therapy or mentorship of their own. You just get Karen or Dave, who over a cuppa have been told once or twice that they are quite good at giving advice & off they go to vistaprint. 

You can talk yourself into a crisis, & you can definitely be convinced you’re in one. That’s pretty much how marketing works. You’re ugly, look at these beautiful people… We have a

cream! A high volume of life coaches are a bullshit beige cream, with good wording & attractive imagery. I don’t think I remember a time where everyone was quite so cooperative with a singular objective. I’m 30,

my memories before 5 are a little shaky, I wasn’t paying much attention in my teens but for what it’s worth - I don’t remember a time. There is a huge difference between going through a crisis alone & going through a crisis together. Right now, the world has handed you purpose (the truest motivator of humans). You stay at home, you save lives. People crave community. If you've ever spoken to someone who is part of a sports club, it’s common to hear them reflect on how much the sport has impacted their whole life, "Athletes who participate in club sports exhibit improved self-esteem. They also report fewer depressive symptoms, in part becau

se of the positive social interactions” (Forbes. 2018). People who are part of a team, show a stronger sense of self-idenity. Even for us “regulars”, who aren’t keyworkers, "after World War II, many Londoners claimed to miss the communal underground living that characterized life during the Blitz (despite the fact that more than 40,000 civilians lost their lives)” (Tribe, Sebastian Junger). And according to studies only 3.8% of people who experience a natural disaster get PTSD (PTSD Facts & Statistics. 2020). The pandemic gives a good argument to suggest you are personally struggling, but it’s not necessarily true. Don’t buy anxiety just because you’re feeling anxious. They aren’t the same. You’re doing fucking great!

Beau x

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